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Kris Siemion
Kris Siemion

Athletic Director and Physical Education for 5-8th

Kristin Siemion joined St. Paul’s Academy staff in 2002 running the After School Program. After a few years, she decided to go through Western Washington University’s Post Baccalaureate program to acquire her teaching certificate.  She then joined the St. Paul’s Academy staff again, but this time as a K-8 physical education teacher. In 2006, the physical education program split into an upper school department (6th-8th grades) and Kristin maintained and developed the lower school department (K-5th grades).  Kristin also taught math enrichment as well as ran the lunchroom staff. Kristin enjoys working with her students and giving them opportunities to learn a variety of fitness activities and skills that can contribute to a lifetime of healthy fitness. She encourages her students to learn from their mistakes, find the pleasure or gratification in self-improvement, and helps the students find ways to motivate themselves to continue to develop their skills, strength, and stamina.

A few of her favorite sayings: “Be kind and helpful to your peers, but especially to yourself when learning new skills” and “ Do your best and try. Some days you will be tired and others you’ll have lots of energy, but do the best you can each day.”

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