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Karalee Stokes
Karalee Stokes

4th Grade

Education: Western Washington University B.S. Community Health Education; Western Washington University, Teaching Certificate, Endorsement in Elementary Education.

Karalee Stokes joined St. Paul’s Academy in 2009. She taught adults in a health care setting for 25 years, then returned to school to earn an elementary teaching certificate. She taught 4th and 5th grades in local public schools before joining the St. Paul’s community in 2009. Mrs. Stokes taught Third Grade for three years before moving to her current Fifth Grade position.  She enjoys the enthusiasm and energy of her ten and eleven-year-old students.

Mrs. Stokes’ ultimate goal is to share a love of learning with her students and create a classroom community based on caring, respectful relationships. She strives to build the self-confidence of all students by articulating belief in them, ensuring that they experience success, and celebrating their individuality. Her hope is to promote curiosity and an interest in their community and the world around them.

Mrs. Stokes has been a lifelong resident of Washington State and has lived in Bellingham since 1977. She, and her husband Mark, have two adult sons and enjoy fishing, gardening and spending time together, often cooking dinner for neighbors and friends.

A favorite saying: “Teaching is like trying to row a boat across the lake with one student at a time. Some kids will help you row. Some kids will make you do all the rowing. Some kids will try to jump out. The goal is to get THEM to grab the oars.” ~Author unknown

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