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Bob Blankinship
Bob Blankinship

Physics, Chemistry, Physical Science Teacher

Education: Kansas State University M.S.; Kansas State University, B.S.

Bob Blankinship has been teacher for close to 40 years, and mostly in the sciences.  He was born in Florida, raised on Long Island, and received his Bachelors degree in Science Education in 1969 from Kansas State University.

Bob began his teaching career in Saigon, Vietnam during the war as a member of the US Air Force teaching Vietnamese pilots scientific and technical English.  After leaving the Air Force, he continued to live in Saigon and taught science at an international school until he was evacuated to the US in April 1975.

The experience in Vietnam whet Bob’s appetite for teaching internationally as a teacher.  This led to teaching assignments in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Venezuela, Liberia, Jordan, Egypt, Singapore, and then returning to Vietnam to teach in 2010.  He saw the huge differences between wartime Vietnam and post-war Vietnam.   In between some of these assignments overseas, Bob taught in the US in Texas and Vermont to keep abreast of the latest science teaching methodologies.

Bob called Singapore home for 24 years, but he was able to return to the States for a few summers to complete his Masters degree in Science Education from Texas State University.  He had every intention of living permanently in Singapore, but he finally decided to settle down in the States in 2013 and re-establish ties to his own country.  Not knowing where to live, he chose Blaine, Washington to be near close friends in Vancouver and nearer his siblings in Washington and Colorado. Bob likes the tranquility of a small town like Blaine, but with close proximity to both Vancouver and Bellingham, he has the best of very different environments.  After living in school supplied housing his whole adult life, owning his first home in the US has proven to as much of an adventure as anywhere he has lived or traveled.

Bob’s activities often involve his trained therapy dog, a young Labrador Retriever.  They both visit  nursing homes, hospitals, and schools.  It’s amazing what a therapy dog can do to lift the spirits of a stressed out student at Western Washington University or Whatcom Community College.  Also, they both take frequent long hikes on the beautiful trails near Bellingham. Bob used to run marathons, about 30 of them, but finds long hikes to be more enjoyable at this stage in his life.

Bob looks forward to his experience at St Paul’s Academy, and is very happy to be involved in physics and chemistry, his two favorite subject to teach. He likes the small class size and the real feeling of a very friendly community.  That family atmosphere is what really attracted him to SPA.

Finally, Bob has no favorite sayings, but he is enjoying a new book called “The Power of Now”.  Most of our thoughts involve the past and worrying about the future instead of focusing on the NOW.  Our minds become unnecessarily cluttered with energy draining worry about the future and regrets about the past.  It’s very difficult to live only in the NOW, but one could certainly start by accomplishing a few minutes a day living in the present only and remove all the energy draining clutter from your thoughts.  However, even a few minutes of living in the NOW can be difficult to accomplish.

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