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Upcoming: 4th Annual Whatcom County Science and Engineering Fair

Natalie Smith December 15, 2015

March 12th, 2016 9AM-5PM


St. Paul’s Academy’s Markell Hall
1509 E Victor St. Bellingham WA. 98226


All Whatcom County Students Grades K-12

$15  – Early Registration (Feb. 26th)
$20  – Final Registration (March 4th)


Click Here to Find Check Out the Whatcom County Science and Engineering Fair Site

The fair is open to entrants interested in submitting both science and engineering projects. Younger students might consider projects as simple as building a paper airplane and recording the distance thrown; building a boat out of 15 straws, tap, and 1ft x 1ft of cellophane and see which can hold the most pennies while staying afloat; or constructing a tower out of Legos. The goal for engineering projects is to recognize a need and build a device or design a system to solve a problem.

Students interested in following the scientific method or plan to enter the Washington State Science and Engineering Fair are encouraged to follow the rules established by the Intel International Science Fair (ISEF).

Registration begins February 26th. Information and project ideas can be found on Whatcom County Science   All entrants will receive a t-shirt, certificate, medal, and opportunity for awards.

Theresa Wines () is the point person for the Science Fair.

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