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Frequently Asked Questions

How many students are at St. Paul’s Academy?

St. Paul’s Academy serves over 330 students from preschool through 12th grade (77 in preschool, 125 in Kindergarten to 4th grade, 99 in 5th to 8th grade and 26 in 9th to 12th grade).

How big are class sizes?

Our student class limit varies by grade.


Pre-School toddlers 6 student maximum
Pre-School three-year-olds 8 student maximum
Pre-School above 10 student maximum
Lower School Kindergarten 14 student maximum
Lower School 1st-4th 15 student maximum
Middle and Upper School 18 student maximum
Does St. Paul’s have any Accreditations?

Yes. St. Paul’s is proud to be accredited with:

  • Preschool-12 grade is fully accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC)
  • Subscriber school to Northwest Association of Independent Schools (NWAIS)
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children(NAEYC)
What is the student to teacher ratio?

Our student to teacher ratio depends on the division (Preschool, Lower School, and Upper School). Our school is rapidly growing with approximately a 21 percent K-12th grade growth last year. On average the student to teacher ratio is:

  • 1:8 for Preschool
  • 1:11 for Lower School
  • 1:12 for Middle School
  • 1:9 for Upper School.
How experienced are the teachers?

Our devoted teachers average more than 11 years of classroom teaching experience, and each K-12 teacher have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree and most faculty members have advanced degrees.

What facilities are in the Preschool?

The Preschool has 6 classrooms, gymnasium space (full court gym), multi-purpose room and 2 outdoor playgrounds

What facilities are in the Lower School?

The Lower School has 10 classrooms, library, gym space, art room, lunchroom, outdoor playground, chapel space, science lab and outdoor classroom area.

What facilities are in the Middle School?

The Middle School (Markell Hall) has 15 classrooms, music room, weight room, three science laboratories, lunchroom, library, locker rooms, a regular-sized gymnasium (convertible to performance space), field, makerspace and upper school study space.

Does your school have specialist or Advanced Placement?  What academic enrichment opportunities are available?

Yes, there are specialists in each area:

  • Preschool Spanish and Music.
  • Lower School Spanish, Music, Physical Education, and Art.
  • Middle School Spanish, Music (band/ choir), Physical Education/ Health, and Art.

Some of our enrichment opportunities include:  Spanish K-8, fine art classes, strings program, robotics, journalism, chess team, math team, science team, and many travel opportunities (local, national, and international.)

What team sports are offered at St. Paul’s?

Some of our team sports include:  basketball, cross-country, tennis, track, and volleyball.

Does St. Paul’s Accept students of all religions?

Yes. St. Paul’s Academy is an independent, open, and accepting community. We warmly welcome students and teachers of all backgrounds and beliefs. Students assemble for chapel services, and have other opportunities to explore and discuss religious and spiritual matters. All are free to express their doubts and faiths. Our aim is to open minds, not mold them.