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Passport Club!

Liz Walker (Passport Coordinator) September 29, 2017

Kids learn to love geography at our Lower School and are inspired to be curious about the world around them! The Passport Club is a fun and easy way to improve our students’ global competency!

This is the 16th year it’s been active at our school through Parents Actively Lending Support (PALS). Parents that volunteer with Passport Club understand the club’s main purpose is to help students learn some (or all) of the world’s countries, and also to meet essential academic learning requirements for geography. Starting in the first-grade program adds 5-10 new countries per month so that by the end of 4th grade, students will know all 195 of the world’s current independent nations. Students can study however works best for them.

Every month, a new study map with countries for that month comes home with students that are participating in Passport Club. At the end of the month, our school conducts a “passport check” (a.k.a. “test”) for all of the students, by having them point at their countries on large maps. Our students discover through the process of “passport check” that geography is relevant and they are motivated to earn more stamps for their passport books.

It has become evident over the years that the understanding of geography at the elementary level provides a solid foundation for understanding the places and people with whom they will be competing and collaborating in the future. Also, our students are able to come into Middle School with a strong base to build off of in historical conversations. Even a high school student recently credited Passport Club with success in a World Geography class.

Passport Club is an individualized, sequential geography program. It is a nonprofit organization that was started in Olympia in 1994. Students in 141 schools spread over 14 U.S. states and seven countries participate in this program. For more information about the global history of the Passport Club, please go to their website