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Noémi Ban | SPA TALK

Natalie Smith December 13, 2015

On Friday, November 13th Holocaust survivor and local awarding winning lecturer Noémi Ban spoke to our students and addressed the school’s Core Commitment of reflect.

“Hearing Mrs. Ban speak was a privilege that not many people in our generation have been granted, and one that I think we should all cherish, for learning about someone from a textbook is quite different than hearing it from a first hand source”, said Julia R (8th grade student)

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She shared her story of loss, tragedy, resiliency, hope and inspiration. During this special event, Mrs. Ban shared her experience of the Holocaust, including her imprisonment at the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp. Despite the many tragedies she faced, this extraordinary teacher spoke out against hate and praises tolerance, hope and love of life.

“From the precious moments that she gave us, she spoke of many terrible conditions that were forced upon her and her fellow prisoners, but she also spoke of the silver linings such as being reunited with her father after the war, or sabotaging the Nazi bomb while forced to work in their munitions plant,” commented Julia R.


Although retired, Mrs. Ban cannot stay out of the classroom. She has visited hundreds of classrooms to tell her personal story of surviving the Holocaust.

“It was awesome to just see her. Her story inspired everyone; people were talking about her for weeks! She completely reached out to everyone in the school and moved them,” said Kamden I. (6th grade student)

Mrs. Ban holds numerous honors, including the 2003 Washington Education Association Human & Civil Rights Award in the category of International Peace and Understanding, the 2010 Daughters of the American Revolution Americanism Award, and an Honorary Doctorate from Western Washington University. Today she is a Golden Apple award-winning lecturer, public speaker, and teacher residing in Whatcom County, Washington.

St. Paul’s made a huge impression on our daughter, so much so that after four-and-a-half years away, she asked to return, At a young age, St Paul’s instilled in her the importance of not only her basic education, but her continued development as a multi-faceted individual. The community welcomed her and our family back with open arms, and she is once again positively engaged in her educational journey. It goes without saying that the St. Paul’s community fosters an environment in which every student is encouraged to be their best self every day.- Joy and Bryan Brown, Returning 7th grade parents




“We were shocked at how deprived of water everyone in the camps were. It really made us realize how much that we take for granted. I especially appreciate her connection with water and how it symbolizes freedom.” Max S. (8th grade student)