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Nativity K-2nd

Natalie Smith December 22, 2015

Our school is grateful for the lovely Jennifer Snyder who is our beloved Lower School music teacher and librarian. This is her 13th year coordinating the Nativity play and for many years there was two separate performances because we had too many students to do it all in one cast.

Below is a small blurb from her:

The Nativity play is a special tradition at SPA that was started by one the founders of our school, Susan Hess. She lovingly made all the costumes, which we still use, and helped direct the program for many years. It is an honor to continue the tradition and to teach students about the story. In the weeks leading up to the performance, students learn many traditional Christmas carols, and spend time learning their parts in the play. It is a joy to see it all come together and I appreciate being able to provide this opportunity to our students. I am thankful for the parents who make extra costumes when needed and for the K-2 teachers who do an amazing job leading rehearsals. The children always do a wonderful job bringing the story to life and getting us all into the Christmas spirit! Merry Christmas!