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Mother’s Day is quickly approaching

Natalie Smith May 4, 2016


This day means different things to different people. Regardless, it is valuable to remember the woman in our families and lives that very much shape the kind of people we become. Many of us are keen to remember the value of a mother’s influence throughout generations.

Mothers day photo

At this time of year people show gratitude differently to celebrate the impact of mothers (and mother-figures). Our school knows the importance of “care,” so our teachers help students in the earlier grades show their appreciation by making small items to put on home fridges or making small crafts in class for moms to cherish for many years.  Teachers also set up an event where preschool through 2nd grade classes at St. Paul’s Academy enjoy quality time participating in tea events this first week of May.

The Mother’s Day Tea Tradition has been at St. Paul’s Academy since 1971, which was when our lovely Little Epistles Preschool began. This morning Mrs. Ho and Mrs. Ulsberger’s 3-year-old class helped welcome grandmas, moms and one dad (who was there as his wife traveled) to today’s tea event. Everyone enjoyed circle time (looking at letters), reading through Mom School, singing a song together, and sharing breakfast treats. Each student made a little flower pot for their mom with their picture included.



The program at Little Epistles Preschool educates the whole child. They pay attention to each child’s academic, emotional and social needs and well-being. Little Epistles Preschool provides individualized experiences for each child and works with families when a team approach is warranted.- Margaret Danahy , Little Epistles Jr. Kindergarten parent



We hope the mothers in our community have a great day!