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First Knights Bughouse Chess Tournament

Chess Club April 28, 2018

On April 28, St. Paul’s hosted our first Knights Bughouse Chess Tournament, directed by Ethan Neff and Bert Rutgers. It is so great to see so 39 kids in Whatcom County coming together to enjoy this fun style of chess. Bughouse chess is a fun variation of traditional chess played with two teams of two players on two chessboards. Although the general chess rules apply to Bughouse, the amusing twist of this variant is that captured pieces on one board may be passed on to one’s teammate on the other board. Moreover, the game is played on the clock. Thirty nine kids from nine different schools in Bellingham played five rounds of games, and St. Paul’s Knights were represented by Maxwell D., Odin O., Christian L., Alice L., Andre M., Bruno M., Jacob G., Kaveer D., Kris C., Jocelyn H., Willa M., Fiona H., Asher H., and Bjorn H.

Team Andre & Christian were the champions of their section and placed second overall! Team Odin & Maxwell took home the second place trophy in their section, after a tie-breaker game. Team and brothers Asher & Bjorn won the Best Sportsmanship Award as well as the Upset Award for their victory against likely winners. Fiona & Willa took home the Best Team Name Award, the “Smart Queens”. Alice, Bruno, Kaveer, Jocelyn, Jacob, and Kris finished the tournament. The morning was full of excitement and energy, and the atmosphere was festive.

The tournament closes the chess season for this year, and St. Paul’s will open next season hosting the first Knights State Qualifier Chess Tournament in October. Mark your calendars! Go Knights!

A great moment of our four fourth grader’s from St. Paul’s Academy playing together: