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Fifth Grade Enjoying Lutherwood

Tanya Miller April 27, 2018

There are specific field trips in middle school that are centered on hands-on application and exploration of conceptual learning where students are motivated by their own curiosity. These grade-level overnight experiences complement what is covered in our academic curriculum. In all these settings students work together to establish trust and work together to solve numerous group challenges.

In Fifth Grade students had their first multi-day trip from 10 a.m. on Wednesday, April 25th to noon on Friday, April 27th to enjoy an Environmental Education field trip at Lutherwood to support their Ecosystems science unit. This 103 acres of beautiful waterfront and forestland is nestled in the evergreen trees along the north shore of Lake Samish about 10 miles south of Bellingham, Washington.

Through experiential learning, students made connections as they practiced living in community and learned to make healthy choices about their direct impact on the environment. The TREK course content primarily focused on the concepts of: botany, ecology, water ecology, geology, teambuilding/low ropes, exploration, archery, and canoeing. Students could explore nurse logs and all the different organisms that are a part of their ecosystem. They also enjoyed a night hike and doing different experiments using our night vision and ending in a sparkle party.