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Fifth Grade at Camp Lutherwood

Natalie Smith September 30, 2015


Fifth grade students enjoyed three days of outdoor learning, adventures, exploration, and fun. They traveled to Camp Lutherwood off of Lake Samish for their hands on educational experience. The student received a trail guide which explained the following: “During your time here at Lutherwood, you’re going to do everything from inspecting birds and fish to insects and soil, walking through the mud, feeling a decomposing tree, and discovering more about the ecosystem that surrounds us here on Lake Samish. Everything we find together will help paint a picture of what healthy, diverse habitats should look like and what part we play in the environment. By the end of your time here, we hope that you will have learned not only what beautiful things nature holds, but how your actions affect that world around you and what you do to preserve that world!” This is a wonderful snap shot into what students learned and gave them a focus to their purpose.


One of the fifth grade teachers, Mrs. Stokes, explained, “Through experiential learning, we’ll make connections as we practice living in community and learn to make healthy choices about our direct impact on the environment. The TREK course content primarily focuses on five concepts: Energy Flow, Cycles, Interrelationships, Diversity, and Sustainability. Each lesson and series of activities through the TREK experience can be connected back to one of these concepts. We’ll also have time and opportunity to enjoy team building activities.”