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Academic Progress

Mrs. Bucsko November 20, 2015

Today the first progress report for the year was sent home.

Did you notice how I used the word “progress” and not “report” card? That is because this is the start of the progress your son or daughter is going to make this year.


We started with Little Epistles Preschool for two years and we were very happy there. Then, for kindergarten we thought we would try another school. After that year, we made a decision to move our son back to St. Paul’s Academy, and we couldn’t be happier with our decision. We feel the school caters to all areas of students needs: academic, spiritual, and physical. Maxwell loves St. Paul’s Academy very much.- Sue Day, Returning 1st grade parent



Often the first report of the year is the hardest for parents. Parents remember the high marks at the end of the previous year and expect that the start of this year will be no different. What is often forgotten is that your child is not mastering last year’s content. He/she is now being exposed to new, more difficult content.

Our report is based on the current grades expectations. Your student is not being compared to other students in his/her class but on benchmarks of performance for that grade. Our report uses numbers to signify the following things:

4- Exceeds grade level expectation

3- Meeting grade level expectation

2- Making progress toward grade level expectation

1-Below grade level expectation

Students should not exceed all grade level expectations this time in the year. There is a lot of knowledge still to be acquired. We want to challenge students and cause them to work towards mastery. This is how we progress in our pursuit of knowledge. The best progress is one that allows for and celebrates student growth.