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Those who think that there's no difference in preschool educational institutions your child attends understand nothing about children's psychology and the educational system at all. Children need a personalized approach at all stages of education, but preschool is a basis; therefore, parents pay so much attention to this education. The task of educators is to give basic knowledge and instill a love of studying. Of course, it will hardly prevent a child from the decision to pay for a paper in high school or college, but the attitude of this child towards studying will be different. However, don't get us wrong: academic assistance is good, and it's okay if your child prefers to get help. It means that students can prioritize tasks and care about themselves. For example, some students are bad at writing and consider it a waste of time, so why not order a custom essay online and spend this time on something more important?

From Preschool to Middle School

Rigorous STEM focused education for your child’s future

Distinctive Attributes

Individual Focus

Small class sizes ensure high quality individual attention, where teachers aim to understand the needs and aspirations of every child and then help them to achieve their goals. This one-on-one focus promotes personal growth and enables students to learn and progress at their own pace.

Top Rated Academics

Students excel at St. Paul’s Academy where they participate in our premier college preparatory program and significantly outperform Bellingham and WA public school students on standardized tests.  Our devoted teachers average more than 11 years of classroom teaching experience, and each K-8 teacher has a Bachelor’s degree and most faculty members have advanced degrees.

Experiential Education

Students have an opportunity to apply what they learn at St. Paul’s through hands-on, real world applications. Learning extends beyond the classroom with field trips, local overnight excursions, and even international travel.  Students at St. Paul’s Academy also have myriad academic options to pursue their interests in a variety of disciplines, including the arts, athletics, language, science, music, math, and more.

Comprehensive Programs

Our programs provide each individual child with progressively greater challenges, in appropriate increments, from preschool through middle school.  We have music and Spanish specialists from preschool to 8th grade and both art, and physical education specialists starting in Kindergarten. Our faculty works in cross-grade teams to create a curriculum that provides an optimal learning environment and seamless transitions from year to year.

Inclusive of All Faiths 

We teach ecumenical Christian values, reinforced by our Core Commitments: Care, Engage, Create, and Reflect. Our students belong to a wide variety of faiths and we both embrace and celebrate the rich religious diversity represented in the student body. This has earned the respect, support and participation of families, students and faculty from Christian denominations as well as Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, and other traditions and beliefs.

Diverse Education

We are blessed with strong parent commitment and nurture their involvement at our school, both in the classroom and through our parent group, Parents Actively Lending Support (PALS). Parents engage in many volunteer projects, like the Annual Auction Gala. We cultivate a sense of community among families by encouraging them to socialize outside of school and coordinate various gatherings throughout the year.  Finally, students learn about and participate in Bellingham/Whatcom County through age-appropriate community service projects.

St. Paul's Academy is proud to hold accreditations from:
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