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admin October 14, 2015

PALS means “Parents Actively Lending Support, which is our version of Parent Teacher Association (PTA).” Every parent at our school is a member of PALS, and we encourage your active involvement. We invite you to be a “pal” and jump in to help whenever and however you can. There will be many opportunities!

So, what does PALS do? Our mission this year is to build a stronger sense of community and fellowship within the school while supporting the many enrichment programs that bring our children’s learning experience to a higher level. We offer support to our teachers and staff and provide funds for school improvement projects and field trips. This is a link to the PALS blog:

Two organizations under PALS are: Chapel Guild  and Library Guild.

If you would like to join the Library Guild please contact Anita Austin 

If you have any questions about how to get involve contact PALS President Kara Crotty (link to her bio) or


PALs Position
PALS Director
President Kara Crotty
Vice President Dana Huggett
Treasurer Heather Carter
Secretary Kasey Cykler
Used Uniforms Liz Walker
Subway Order Theresa Wines
Scrip Dana Huggett
Box Tops Betty Chen
Chapel Guild Sonia Crowley
Library Guild Anita Austin
LEPS Liaison Sara Jentz
US Liaison Suzanne Wescott-England