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Success Stories from our Parents

Tom & Jamie Langei

Tom & Jamie Langei

Sons in 5th and 8th Grade

We appreciate how hard the teachers all worked to get our eldest son ready for middle school and now my youngest son is on this way through the same transition. Teachers really listen to each individual kid and let them branch out, test their independence, and learn the skills to be prepared. We see both our sons learning how to be better independent thinkers.

Laurence & Kathryn Cambron

Laurence & Kathryn Cambron

Daughters in 5th and 7th grade

Our kids started in preschool and have continued ever since. The small class size allows for personal attention from the warm and encouraging teachers and it allows the educators to keep their classrooms focused. We’ve found the school to be truly committed to educating the whole child with strong academics and offering moral/ethical education through weekly chapel. The teachers and administration have high expectations for their students and this is reflected in their curriculum. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to send our children here.

Jake & Mary Kinser

Jake & Mary Kinser

Son in 2nd Grade

When it came time to choose a school for our son, we knew what we were looking for: a positive environment that would stimulate his curiosity and nurture his development. St Paul’s has been the perfect place for our boy to learn and grow. The curriculum keeps him challenged and engaged. The teachers and staff are supportive and encouraging. And best of all our son truly loves going to school! We couldn’t have asked for a better fit for our family and we are grateful every day that we made this choice for our son.

Heather Carter

Heather Carter

Children in preschool, 4th-grade, 6th-grade, and in 12th-grade

Our daughter was getting lost in the middle of the pack in public school.  The large class sizes allowed her to blend into the crowd and get by without really connecting with her peers or instructors.  After only a few weeks at St. Paul’s Academy we could see the dramatic difference that small class sizes can make.  She came home full of reports of the conversations happening in her classes – and how she contributed to them, and has blossomed from a shy wallflower into a confident young woman. She has learned to stretch beyond her comfort zone to reach the high expectations set by her instructors and her peers.  I know that she will be successful in college and in her career because of the skills and confidence that she has gained at St. Paul’s Academy. We now have all of our children enrolled at St. Paul’s and have observed positive development in each of them. I know that all of my children can reach their highest potential because our school has built high academic expectations and the support system to reach those high standards into the school culture.

Chris Leon & Karen Enriquez

Chris Leon & Karen Enriquez

Son in 3rd Grade and Daughter in Kindergarten

This school is everything our family was looking for and so much more! We researched/toured a small handful of schools last spring. We had a second-grade son and a preschool age daughter. My son was also reluctant to change schools and leave all his friends. In hindsight, we feel too much time was wasted. We should have pulled him out directly following that disappointing lukewarm meeting we had at his previous school. We knew, in our hearts, a change was required. So, in spring, we took a tour of St. Paul’s Academy. We had just finished attending an open house for another private school (closer to home). We had even begun filling out all the registration paperwork for that school. We returned from the St. Paul’s tour and knew it was the school for us! My son was able to be “student for a day” on campus. He loved it and was ready to make the change immediately following this special visit day. There are so many things that attracted us to this school. It is truly a community with amazing parents, teachers, and staff. It is diverse in many respects. Cultural and religious diversity is at the very core of true education, in my opinion. St. Paul’s is accepting of all religions and all faiths are celebrated. St. Paul’s Academy, with its small class sizes, is able to offer a more individualized education for each child. A rigorous curriculum in with an equal emphasis on social/emotional growth. A school that is giving each student high standards; an opportunity to excel, and be challenged. My son’s excitement for learning has returned! Best decision for our family.


The Mission of St. Paul’s Academy is to provide academically capable and willing students a rigorous course of instruction, emphasizing leadership, achievement, and moral and spiritual development embodied in Christian values.


The vision of St. Paul’s Academy is to provide a premier college preparatory education.

Core Commitments

I Will Engage

Embrace life with its joys and frustrations. Connect with family, friends, classmates, colleagues, and people around the world. Tackle problems and challenges – intellectual, practical, spiritual, and social. Discipline yourself, knowing that accomplishment and academic rigor require resilience and persistence. Act upon your convictions with courage and with kindness. Embrace leadership opportunities of all kinds.

I Will Reflect

Consider the meaning of life, what you believe, and your place in the world and in existence. Learn about your own mind, spirituality, and personality and how to get the best from yourself. Learn about others – what they value and what you can appreciate. Talk less, listen more. Question what you hear and read. Embrace the beauty of art, of science, of mathematics, of ideas, of true friendship, and of our world. Learn about history, that we may raise ourselves. Extend your awareness. Strive for knowledge moderated by wisdom.

I Will Create

Find your creative spark and nurture its flame. Keep an open mind; open to insight and inspiration. When others say “it can’t be done,” persevere and prove them wrong. Do what brings you joy. Build things: machines, ideas, songs, theorems, poems, friendships, teams, and communities. Discover what is fun and funny and intriguing and joyful in ways that strengthen, rather than diminish, those around you.

I Will Care

Care for yourself and build your personal strength. In that strength, extend yourself to be generous with your time and your spirit. Care for and respect others. Open your heart to their needs; those who are close at hand and those who are a world away. Care for the world we have been given. Aspire to quality in all you do. Act – meet needs you have not yet discovered.  Lead, always, with compassion and integrity.



 Little Epistles Nursery School (2117 Walnut Street)


St. Paul’s Primary School (K-2) addition 


Opened St. Paul’s Episcopal School (K-6th) (3000 Northwest Ave.)


 Little Epistles Preschool moved to 3230 Meridian Street